Bees Wax Taper 12" (pair)

Bees Wax Taper 12" (pair)


12” taper candles

  • 7/8” diameter

  • Pure USA beeswax

  • Burn time: 10 hours (per candle)

These beeswax tapers are made of nothing but 100% Santa Barbara beeswax and 100% cotton wicks, joined together in thin layers to create a smooth, satin-like candle with a dripless, smokeless burn. Beeswax candles give off a faint honey aroma and a sublime soft glow when lit.

12 inch beeswax taper candles are my favorite. Burned in the evening, beeswax tapers are exquisite dinner candles. Beeswax is the the only wax that emits negative ions when burned, which purifies, cleans, improves air quality, and invigorates the body. A natural ionizer! Trim wick to 1/4th inch before lighting and burn out of drafts.

I don't add color or process the wax in any way. As a result, the color of the beeswax tapers vary from batch-to-batch. It's completely natural and makes the candles even more special. 

The label is made from wildflower seed paper.

Planting Instructions

Plant seed paper under 1/8" of soil. Water thoroughly. Place in a sunny corner and keep moist during germination.

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Beeswax candles burn brighter, longer, and cleaner than any other candle. The candle flame emits essentially the same light spectrum as the sun. In the process of burning it emits negative ions that are known to clean the air and invigorate the body, reportedly stimulating the pituitary gland thus increasing creativity, intuition and dream activity.