Lissa Liggett is probably most well known for her beautiful line of hand formulated perfumes, (she started perfecting her perfuming talent when she was five). Her scents are inspired by the flora and fauna of Montecito and Santa Barbara, where she was raised. All the Santa Barbara Novella perfumes are hand formulated in small batches by Lissa, using a base of organic grape alcohol, essential oils, absolutes and fragrance. Her Montecito edp is a smash hit with locals and tourists alike. Imagine the heady fragrance of Spring in Montecito captured in this elegant perfume. infused with a melange of delicate floral notes including Rose, Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, anchored by a few precious drops of Ambergris from the beaches of Morocco. She uses only certified organic grape alcohol or jojoba oil in all of her perfumes. True olfactory heaven.


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I recently asked Lissa Liggett what her inspiration for creating a Tuberose fragrance that is described by a fan, as an "intoxicating, intense floral perfume" and she replied: "Being raised in Santa Barbara meant that Tuberose was a wonderful part of my childhood. As a little girl the heady scent of a single stalk filled my room every Saturday of every season. As a young woman I looked forward to Saturdays when I could walk thru Farmer's Market and pick out armfuls of locally grown Tuberose from the 5 gallon plastic buckets at The Domingo's stall. After all these years, the owners beautiful mother Christine still gently pulls out a select few, perfect blossoms from the bucket and offers them to me with a shy smile. My heart always beats a little faster as I begin choosing the large bunches that will fill every available vase in my house! The season is short lived for a Tuberose lover, only lasting from August to October at Domingo farms just north of Santa Barbara.  My quest for the perfect Tuberose Perfume began as a little girl. I would gather the blossoms and seal them into a mason jar with salt to put into my bath. I would try to preserve the Tuberose experience by tucking the precious blossoms into my clothes drawer which delighted me but it was a very short lived solution. A few years ago I began formulating what initially I hoped, would be a private supply of Tuberose perfume for myself. At about the same time,  Linda O'Hare was looking for a signature scent for her dreamy little store Lily, here in Montecito, CA on Coast Village Rd. I formulated batch after batch of what I hoped would be the perfect Tuberose, until finally after weeks of dreaming and formulating and sniffing and more sniffing I came up with my Tuberose EDP.  Her tiny little store is now filled with the smell of the frequently sprayed perfume and I have a never ending supply of Lissa Liggett Tuberose for myself and my clients that are equally as crazy about it as I am."

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With Lissa Liggett
by Melinda | July 22, 2012 |

It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while I find out about someone that is doing something so eco fabulous that it just makes me say OH MY! And that is what happened when I met Lissa Liggett. She is an eco style dynamo.

Lissa Liggett’s on line store is filled with virtual beauties to behold. Beauties I must add, that she has amazingly designed herself. There are lovely hand formulated organic perfumes, eco friendly resin bangles that are brimming with colorful blossoms, hand poured soy candles in recycled glass containers, and an eye popping page of jewels that will make even the most picky princess drool.

Lissa’s newest objects of desire are her eco friendly resin bracelets. My first thought when I heard resin bracelets was um… hmmm? Then I saw them, be still my heart. Can you put pure romance into a bangle? Lissa did. Each piece is a unique and beautiful work of art for your wrist. The resin is a USDA certified biobased product, hand sanded and sealed with environmentally friendly non toxic materials. My fav is the wide red rose bangle, it’s like having a bouquet of roses on your wrist. I like the wide fern too, and then there is the thin seashell bangle. Layering three or four of those with white linen – summer fashion perfection.

Lissa has a lovely line of soy candles that are made from 100% food grade soy wax, cotton wicks and essentail oils and fragrances. They are hand poured into recycled glass containers – eco greatness. For hot summer evenings try the fern or the grapefruit and pink peppercorn.

If I haven’t given enough beautiful reasons to go shopping in the Lissa Liggett online store, her fine jewelry will. Fit for a queen, jaw dropping jewels like the Rosecut Diamond Peacock Cuff, or the Rosecut Diamond Eternity ring. It’s the perfect gift for a really special occasion.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Lissa also has a full line of Ah-mazing skin care, soothing mineral makeup, bath and body products, room sprays and some delightful reclaimed flower vases.

Lissa Liggett is an eco extraordinaire who is putting a touch of elegance into being environmentally friendly.