Montecito edp

Montecito edp


This perfume is both a tribute to my favorite place as well as an olfactory snapshot of Spring in Montecito, when the climbing pink jasmine, roses, orange blossoms and gardenia are in their full glory.

Montecito edp contains; Organic Grape Alcohol (190 proof), Jasmine Grandiflorum (Jasmine Absolute), Rosa Damascena (Rose Absolute), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange Flower Oil), Narcissus poeticus (Narcissus Absolute), Apis Mellifera L. Absolute (Beeswax Absolute), Gardenia Jasminoides, Pogostemon cablin Oil (Patchouli Oil), Beach Gathered Ambergris, Flower essences of Aspen, Holly, Crab Apple, Gorse, Heather, Willow, Vervain,

50 ML

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